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I am an Art Historian-Critic & Cultural Analyst, completed Masters degree and awarded Doctorate in the Dept. of Art History & Aesthetics, Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S.University of Baroda. I worked in the same Dept. on UGC-DSA projects and teaching assignment. I write, deliver special lectures and talks, Curate exhibitions, presently making documentary films on art/Craft and artists. I write regular articles for Art Journals, News Paper columns, writing for Sopathi-Sunday Telugu magazine and Navatelangana Telugu news papers on Modern and Contemporary art and artists, Festivals and rituals-record of Social History/meanings and travelogues, short stories in Telugu. For a Corporate company’s Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] activity I Organized Art Camp, Art Residencies, Workshops for Art lovers and Children, Curated group and Solo exhibitions at Hyderabad and Vijayawada, 2015 and 2016. Taught as a visiting faculty in the College of Fine Arts- JNAFA University, Hyderabad, Delivered special lectures at coveted places on countable times. I edited a book in 2010, and contributed articles on “Museums in Gujarat” for Directorate of Gujarat Museums. March 2007 and 2008-One of the members on designing the course at Srikakulam-Andhra University-“Enrichment of Naitalim on Craft education” I Curated many thematic exhibitions on Modern and Contemporary Arts, published around 200 articles, research essays that include International and national publications. I contributed Art reviews in Asian Age papers and conducted [directed and anchored] Artist’s interviews on Gujarat’s local Television channel-JTV, for one year in 2000, made short documentaries on artists.

Art- Art History- Aesthetics and Balamani. M

Accidentally I landed in the field of Art History & Aesthetics. Being a student of sciences, field of visual arts was an alien subject and was not a known fabric for me. Taking off from such confusion and ignorance when I landed in the field of Arts and Art History, it was my astonishing realization that, the pleasure of understanding the Art and Aesthetics is a perfect compassion for me. I enjoyed like a fish in waters drinking as much I can, drenched like leaves in greens, flowers in colors. Field of Art History offered me many readings, study the artists’ expressions and reflect upon whether it is from the period of History or contemporary. Many visual artists’ expressions have many kinds of statements pouring with many feelings, yet another times filling me till the brim with many feelings, making me silent with loaded expressions and many Van Goghs, on understanding the pain and pleasures of their expressions, while enriching me in the knowledge banks of Aesthetic theories of East or West.