‘Emotions of Worn outs’ by Vishakha Apte

‘Emotions of worn outs’

Abstract art has occupied one of the important roles in 20th C. art expressions. Few artists thought whatever may be the emotion and expression that do not have any specific form to define in figures. Emotion and expression are abstract. Artists felt there is a similarity in abstract art expression that does not have any defined figures for art composition. Few others found yet another meaning in abstract art. They thought of expressing the otherworldly meanings behind the worldly matters in abstract language of art.

Vishakha has chosen the abstract language to express meaningful memories attached to the matters. She understands surroundings at a different angle. People who live in cities have to adjust in flat system of living. They have to readjust the same living area for different mode of activities of life at different times. To suit the occasion all the objects of utility like chairs and tables have to change the mode of function and spacing. Sometimes objects that are in use may even become mute and still for the time being. Objects of our daily use are attributed life and death alternatively when they are in use or not in use. Objects get changed identity along with the change of location and importance of usage.

Many a time house and belongings becomes a clue to understand those who are living in that space. People organize their objects in their living space as per their wish. In a way objects/ belongings begin the conversation and define the person to whom they belong. Objects like worn out costumes, used tables and chairs define the personal memories of even after people leave this world. They represent the memories and the symbolic images of emotional attachments. Vishakha composes such emotional meanings. She composes personal worn out objects of use as the subjects of her art compositions. They are neither in dark nor in light hues, somewhere in between. Objects are not clear figures nor in total abstraction but they are abstract compositions on totality.

Vishakha exhibited internationally in places like Egypt, Cuba, Brazil, her works are in national and international collections, received 18 awards, participated in more than 50 exhibitions., created a place of her own in the world of Art. She was born in 1966 in Nashik and studied painting from J.J.School of Art in 87. Presently she lives in Bhopal.